Monday, August 10, 2009

Since many of us are worried about the current spread of the H1n1 virus, write a comment on what you are doing to help safeguard yourselves and the community you are in. I know this topic may seem to sound quite boring, but I feel that the sooner we understand this strain of virus the faster we can rid ourselves off the worries and incoveniences caused by it. Well waiting to hear some interesting response from you.
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  1. hmm..the H1N1 virus are very dangerous to people especially to someone that already have chronic disease..but, we must beware that not only them, we also can affected by the, we must have the precaution step to make sure the virus does not spread to us..when we are cough or sneezing, we must close our mouth with hand or tissue..then throw away the tissue and wash our hand cleanly and frequently to make sure we clean and safe from the virus.if we get ill and have the symptom of the virus, immediately go to clinic or hospital to make medical check up.we also must avoid from go to place that have many people because this virus can easily spread from our saliva. if we have to go to that place, we must wear mask to protect us.

  2. urm.....actually i don't know what am i going to say tonight. But this week is the first week after UMP had been closed for a week because of the influenza a. It make many people scared include my mom. She always remind me to buy a mask and wear it although UMP is safe from that disease. And i told my mom not to worry bout my healthy hear. And I hope that i will be in good condition until all the news about this disease is gone away.

  3. i try my best to avoid with unhealthy person,wearing mask, be aware of people surrounding me and make a check when i starts to get fever but there are still some people(my roommate) who did not want to commit their unwell i have to do it my own way by making a report to the authorized people in ump!at last he have been quarantined.hahaha..sometimes we it comes to the sake of surviving..we have to make a choice...we must avoid from being a selfish person(like my roommate)..we must realized that h1n1 is easy to not risk other people life due to your selfishness..have a nice day!

  4. H1n1 virus......Very synonym with us right?
    all we know that this virus become more spread and very dangerous.Last week,ump all umpian got holiday about one week because this virus.During that holiday i got a fever.Then i went to the hospital to check my health because i am worried if i also affected by that virus.Than the doctor ask me to stay at house only as the precaution.So I only stay at house to safeguard myself and the community.I mean that i am in quarantine.When i need to go out,i wear a mask because this virus easily spread by the air when someone coughing,sneezing.So that all i do to safeguard myself and the community.

  5. when you talk about h1n1 viruses,i have a story to share with you.
    last week when ump let all the students go back to their hometown,i also go back.but,unfortunately i also got fever.when i arrived home,i ask my mother to bring me to the clinic.when i see the doctor,doctor ask me to stay at home and do not go out until my fever is over.the doctor said that i maybe the suspect of h1n1 if my fever las long for more than three days.luckily,i cure from the fever on the next day.along my fever day,i will wear mask when i want to talk to anyone,i also use dettol to wash my hand.i also use handkerchief when i want to food was only for me.i not share with others and when i feel better,i met the doctor again to ensure i'm not one of the h1n1 victims.i think the doctor decision was right because,when he ask me to not went out from my house,it will ensure other people not get my virus.hopefully,next month the scientist will fuond the vaccine.

  6. This virus is biological weapon send by the Israelian.So,beware of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Always wear mask like yap
    -try not to touch your face with your dirty hand
    -Get the VACCINE from the doctor
    -not to hang out at the place which lot of people
    -Dont go to class if you have a fever
    -Get a treatment quickly if you feel sick

  7. The initiative that I taken so far is to take care of my own hygiene; I think the most important factor that spread the H1N1 virus is due to a person's hygiene, mostly the viruses spread through air when the person who get infected sneeze or cough, they should cover up their mouth or nose with tissues and throw them away properly. I also try to be cautious about my surroundings, if I saw someone feel uncomfortable, sick, or having the symtomps of infection, i will try to stay away from them or wear a face mask. Although influenza H1N1 does not necessary fatal, we also can't take it lightly, it is better save than sorry.

  8. This virus was very dangerous to all people...As we know,this virus was kill many people in our country.we must take the precautions step to avoid us from get this virus.this virus is easy to spread to all people by the the most precaution that we must take are wearing the mask when we talk to other people. we worried than people that talk to us was affected by the that the virus cannot enter our respiration system...we also must wash hand after we got sneeze.this is because we afraid that the virus stick in our hand ad we use the hand for get your body healthy

  9. First of all, h1n1 caused by the virus called influenza A virus. The virus typically spreads from coughs and sneezes or by touching contaminated surfaces and then touching the nose or mouth. To prevent infected by h1n1, i would cover my mouth and nose using facemask, tissue paper or handkerchief. I also wash my hand frequently with soap. I will also not to share my eating equipment such as fork and spoon with those having h1n1 symptoms. Besides that, I will reduce go to the crowded place or public as possible to get rid from the virus. Prevent from touching open wounds of my body. This will highten the possibility that the virus will enter your body. Drink a lot of water to prevent dehydration. It will weaken our body systems and immunity which will make us easy attacked by the virus.

  10. well,now issues of H1N1 are become more worst.Until now,about 41 persons was dead because of this virus.There are few precautions that we need to practice such as wash your hand properly after enter toilet,cough or sneeze.Make sure you use tissue or handkerchief to dry your hand.Beside,when you have fever,you need to do medical check up immediately.Don't try to delay because it will effect others.We need to think about other people safety and health not only ourself.Don't be so selfish! This virus will continue spread and cause more people die if we not together handle and control it.Maybe for some people,it just a little thing and no need to worried about.It is wrong! We as community need to realize them about the risk that will effect all of us in our country and maybe around the world because of their careless.We need to take action now,so that we will not be regret later.

  11. i think the h1n1 virus is quiet serious right that we should take precaution first..first thing we should take care of yourself..if you get a fewer,you should go to the hospital or clinic to make a medical check up..this is for make sure your temperature is not too high..then if you are cough,please make sure you close your mouth with hand..after that,you must wear a mask when you go to anywhere...especially a place that have many people..

  12. To help safeguard myself and the community i am in,there are a few steps to take.Firstly,I will always pratice good coughing/sneezing ethics by covering my mouth and nose using tissue paper/handkerchief and wash hand after coughing/sneezing to get rid of any sprayed spits.Secondly,i will wash my hands as frequently as possible with soap and water and throw the tissue paper in the bin.Thirdly,i will do not share your eating equiment(fork,spoon,plate,cups,and bowl) and towel with those having ILI(Influenza-Like-Illness)symptoms.
    Next,avoid being in a crowded area when i have ILI symptoms until i am fully recovered.If i need to go out,i will use a facemask and practise good coughing/sneezing ethics.I will also distance myself from the others at least 1 meter.I will not be shy to see a doctor for threatment and take prescribed medication according to schedule.Furthermore,i will drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration and eat nutritious food and take plenty of rest.

    Last but not least,take good care of ourself equal to take good care of our beloved friends and family members arounds us.
    Hope all of us will practice this and always in pink of health.

  13. i think this killer virus should be prevented and not to be cured.So,we as a part of community have to take the precautions for example wearing a mask wherever we are.Besides,there is no excuses for us for not doing the medical checkup from time to time especially when we got the symptoms of h1n1.there are many symptoms of this virus for example cold,cough,fever with high temperature.moreover,we should remind our community around us that h1n1 virus can be spread easily.this is because the virus is spreading through the air that we take for breathing.furthermore,we have to avoid from being in a place with many people for example a big ceremony or night market.this precaution is taken for reducing the risks of the h1n1 virus.besides,the simple precautions for us in in preventing the virus is maintained the cleanliness.for example,wash our hands regularly especially before eating.the tissues that have been used also must be throw away because the virus is very easily spread to anyone.

  14. for me..h1n1 is killer virus and very dangerous to all people whatever that person get fever or not.this virus can attack everyone eventhough baby that new we get more people death of that h1n1 virus.for someone that already have disease like fever or other chronic disease should quickly go to hospital.morever,we all need beware with that virus.we need to protact ourself as follow the precaution rules to avoid the affected of that virus.we should used tissue when we cough and sneezing,and throw away the tissue already used and get new tissue for more uses.always wash hand before eat or after out from the toilet or frequently as possible.when we go at some places who crowded make sure that we wear the must tho prevent the virus affect us.if we got the symptom of the h1n1 virus,quickly go to clinic or hospital for medical check up.also, during that time ensure that we all do not travel to other country to protact our self from get any symptoms of that virus.if u just came back from the country that already have h1n1 virus,immediately get medical check up to know if ourself got symptoms of virus or not.make sure that we all can take care ourself from get any fever or disease because the virus are quickly spread and easy attack the weak person.

  15. uhz..H1N1..scary right..H1N1 is one of the dangerous virus that can kill us and it is become worst.this serious virus is impossible to solve or eliminate but there are same ways that can help prevent the spread of germs which cause respiratory must cover your nose and mouth with tissue when you cough or sneeze then throw the tissue in the trash after you use it.wash your hand often with saop and water especially after you cough or are advise not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth because germs are easily spread this way.besides,try to avoid close contact with sick people and not allow to involve yourselves in public.last but not least, if you are not feeling well quickly get medical care or for other necessities to know your healthy status.hopefully, everybody can practise this actions ourselves from H1N1.=)

  16. To protect ourself and the community from H1N1 virus,the most important thing that we must do is to make sure that all of us is in clean condition at all time.Wash hands after go to the toilet,cough,sneeze and also before touch meals.Always cover our mouth using clean handkerchief when we cough or sneeze then straight away wash our hands.Since this virus is in critical level now,avoid mix around with too many people.Do not go to the place that crowded with peoples.Don't ever go to the hospital or clinic if you are not sick.Always wearing mask if in public.If you have the symptoms of H1N1,immediately go to see your doctor.All of these are not just for our safety but also peoples around us.Lastly,love your life..

  17. Nowadays, the world is full with different type of virus. The latest one is H1N1. It is the dangerous among the others. Firstly, we should take care of ourselves by wearing the safety equipment everyday to stay in safe during this hazard. If not, how can we try to advise our friends to prevent against virus. Prevention better than curing. Less outgoing also quite useful from touching with infected things. If you still want to go out those forcing by situation, face mask is the important equipment that we should wear at outside world there. Otherwise, before we want to enjoy our food, first thing we should do is rush to washroom to clean up our hand as clean as possible by using soap such as DETTOL. Water is such a good medicine to prevent fever, cough, and sneeze. When we have this kind of little ill, that is easily to inject the virus from the environment.

  18. hmm.. before this, SARS were spread out of our country right? now h1n1... did you relise that our ump also having this critical issues. a few weeks ago,our campus was closed because of this virus.the question is "is it this killer just a disaster for us or a warning from our creater?"now,about 51 people were killed because of this virus.if you go to pudu raya or crowded places, you must protect yuorself like wearing a musk.and the musk must be changed frequently. wash your hand after you went out. as a muslim you have to do the solat hajat and pray. not only the muslim, i believe that other religion also do the same. together we pray so that we have the solution to solve it. ensure your body is strong to protect from it!

  19. emm..for me,H1N1 are disaster for us.So,we must make sure that everyone know how to protect ourself and community such as use mask when go out from house and always wash your hand after you come from other place.If you have feel like sick and have symptom H1N1 you must go to hospital quickly because you must think that everyone can get H1N1 if you not others people can be effected.You also must drink a lot of water and fresh juice.We know that fresh juice can clean atoms H1N1 so take it always.Everyone must start it from now to save our life.

  20. Firstly, we have to know how to prevent ourself from this disease. Right now, there is a lot of pemplet around usabout H1N1.Especially, went we go to the hospital, market and everywhere.First atep is we have to wear mask everytime. it is because this virus spread through the air. There are a few symptom, if peole get this virus. their body temperature is high around 40 degree. Then they also have cough and sneeze. If we have each of this symptom we must go to see doctor quickly before it spread to other people around us. As a parent they have to play their role on their children. Make sure at home they always take care about hygiene. Hygiene is important to avoid H1N1 virus. Next, we have to drink more water to make sure our body temperature always be normal. So, let us prevent ourselves from H1N1.

  21. owhh i am very worried about nowdays virus...
    WHAT!!!! this topic is NOT BORING.... It is a serious matter... it is about live and death... i had done many thing in order to prevent this virus. i had an intinsive to make a medical checkup about this virus. i also had wearing a mask when going out to town. I had an experience where i see there are some people who assume this virus is just a joke.. For me this virus can bring very big effect, it can bring a very effect to the economy... from what i knew the H1n1 is derived from avian flu (bird flu H5N1) which have affected pig and combine with swine flu (which actually will spread among pig ONLY) but under some circumstances the virus has mutate for suit themself in human body, and while the virus is in the human body it will mutate again and become air born and will spread from one human to one human..

    because of iti is an air born virus, the virus can stand in the air among 2 untill 8 hour only, and in that time if the virus cant get a host(human body), the virus will die...

    so when a room has 24 hour good air ventilation the room will be clean from the virus

    I also had heard a talk about this virus...
    there are some people who had high risk to this virus
    1) people who had problems with obesity
    2) pregnent women
    3) astma people
    4) people who had problems with immunisation

    and the symptoms is

    day1- fell less healthy
    day2- cough, flu and fever.
    day3- had trouble breathing.
    day4- fell very pain at chest
    day5and above- lung collapse @koma

    i am very worried about my family health, my friend health, and my health so i need to do my best to protect all people who knew me..

    anyway just wish that i will be always fine...

  22. Fear of catching influenza A has caught the world by storm. While there are many different pandemic occurrences each year, h1n1 has been sensationalized to the point of panic by the popular media. Before we all panic, consider these natural steps to prevent influenza A. Avoid at all costs traveling to any known parts of the world that are infected. Although this is very basic you must know that there are strands of the disease that are airborne and just being in the immediate presence of the flu can infect you. Other than that, cleanliness is going to be your new motto until this whole mess passes by. If possible always washing your hands with alcohol based sanitizer is known to kill a high percentage of germs that we carry as well. Then, avoid touching your mouth, eyes, nose, or any open wounds. This will only heighten your chances of the flu entering your body. If possible, stay home from work, school, and errands when you are sick. You will help prevent others from catching your illness.
    Most important, get plenty of sleep, be physically active, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids, and eat nutritious food. Nothing can changed you unless you changed your life first.

  23. H1N1..stand for "Haram 1 Najis 1"...
    This kind of virus too bad.many people die because of this virus. So, what am I doing to saveguard myself? This is my ways:

    1. Not going to mall
    2. take care of my healthy
    3. eat some vegetables (to increase my antibodies).
    4. away from someone that have flu.
    5. always pray for good healthy.
    6. take care the relationship with our god.

  24. i wore mask all the time accept in the house and that was not last longer. =) i cant stand breathing with the smell of the mask just like gasping for air. i kept away myself from the people who got the h1n1 symptom..coughing of course,especially. just for safety. im really glad im not one of the victim.

  25. some said that the press was only exaggerating on the H1N1 news.It is not bad as what we heard on news although people were dying because of that virus.

    but well, as we can see, extra prercaution should be take.
    now that this issue has ended and we can breath freely we should still continue on taking care of our hygiene as it is essential in our life.

  26. H1N1 again????
    owh, that look so familiar to us right now..h1n1 is such a danger0us illness that can cause will spread easily trough the air..s0,in case of that, we must take a n0te about our safety precaution towards that..firstly, we must avoid from touching our eyes, nose or mouth..secondly, we must always wearing a mask whenever we go..thirdly, we must avoid contact with sick people and especially people that have a fever..then, when symptoms of respiratory tract infection and fever develop, we must quickly seek a medical advice..the most important thing is we must always ensure our hand is wash frequently with soup and water or apply an alcohol-based hand cleaners..the example of soup which is suggested by the doctor is like ‘lifebouy’, ’antabax’ and ‘dettol’..other than that, we must also avoid ourselves from a crowded place..its better if we just stay at home and allow all the precaution to avoid from h1n1..
    So, say no to h1n1!!!!!!

  27. Influenza A H1N1 or commonly known as Swine Flu are now spread all over the world. How could this happen? Yes because lack of prevention. Here are few tips on protecting yourself from H1N1 virus. Take these everyday steps to protect your health.

    1) Never leave home without wet wipes (baby wipes) or waterless hand sanitizers products.

    2) Carry (or wear) a mask.

    3) Wash your hand regularly.

    4) Hydrate yourself with drinking plenty of plain water.

    5) Drink hot water – I have heard that this will help. If you have any of the germs in your throat, it will help carry it down to your stomach, where by the germs is not able to react.

    6) Try to avoid sick peoples.

    7) Stay home if you are sick for 7 days after your symptoms begin or until you have been symptom-free for 24 hours, whichever is longer. This is to keep from infecting others and spreading the virus further.

    Let’s be healthy people =)