Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hi there guys and gals

I believe most of you would have an extraordinary story to tell when it comes to relating your experiences during the first few weeks in UMP. So, why don't you share some of your stories, especially those funny ones so that we can all have some light moments to cheer us up.
Looking forward to your responses. :)


  1. first week at UMP..was a terrible memory for me...because the orientation was very very very had enough sleep..stood under big sun..i still remember all of us had been punished..faci-faci ask us raised our hand..for 20minutes..nightmare..
    Now talk about the good things...i knew lot of friends after came yap...192.and teh..same course and section with me..i also went to Teluk Cempedak and Water Park..many else stories..but just share the things that i remember...

  2. I had done a funny job.The third day,when we gathered in Astaka for Speech,I was too tired,so i tend to sleep in the hall,while others was listening to the speech.But all the facilitators will take the photo of people who were sleeping during the speech.So i used my ways to sleep smart during the speech.So,after the facilitaor passed by so many times,they still not realised i am sleeping.At last they had realised i am sleeping,but they still not succes to capture my photo.Because i used to sleep in the morning assembly during my secondary school life.

  3. first week in UMP,i was very unhappy and in a bad mood with a very bad home sick..i have difficulty to talk to the other students since i am from that week,i don't really know what language did i spoke..huhu..during the orientation week,i always with my roommate from Pahang..she is one year older than me..and we are in the same faculty with the same course..and we have many similarities such as our characteristic and also our birthday..=)..honestly,i am very speechless during the first week..i don't have many friends..just my roommates..but in the first week..i know my lovely roommates very much..and now we're just like siblings..the end..

  4. during the first few weeks in ump,i had experienced many story especially during the registration day..i was very tired because i have to wait for hours just to complete my i remembered,i sat with new students under the white canopy infront of the block W..i can see the parents just sat under the small tree watching their is very funny actually looking at their face..under the hot sun..hehe.. it was a very busy day..i thought that after finishing the registration in block W, i can straight away go to my new hostel.have a sleep..unfortunately..i have to wait again for passing the medical checkup result...oh no...there was a good thing happened actually..i met a new friend that is actually my classmate who named shahira(yaya)...she is very kind and until now..we are a good friend...

  5. During first week at ump, there was a lot of strange faces look at me. The first friend who i had met was YAP. First impression about YAP was fair, cool, smile, and manner. My second friend was my roommate, lee, who was always shocked and mad himself. That time we felt suffer when we heard there was a week orientation. Oh my god.......There was so long. During the orientation, most of the people slept then facilitator got caught us by taking photo because we only got 3 or 4 hours to sleep everyday at this week. For those who had been caught and their photo were shown on the monitor. These were embarrassing and also funny. I still remember that when our head of JHEPA punish us by hand up for 20 minutes then a malay girl screamed and shouted soon. Her voice was so terrible. After the orientation was over, we felt freedom and relax. The situation was almost the same as a criminal just came out from jail. There was what I got at the orientation at ump.

  6. hmmm.. i always hate the orentation week.. hehehe..
    but there were some memories that i can't forgotten. along the orentation week, i met many friends. k.pipah,who is my roomate is also being my classmate.. liyana sazana,ain and syida are my nextdoors are also my classmate.. the one thing i still remember till now is... huhu.. on saturday,which is last orentation day, everyone went to felda lepar hilir for having a programme. but you know what happened to me and my roomates? all of us woke up at 9 o'clock.. huhu.. so embarassing at that time.. i quickly called our facilitator to tell them our situation.. luckily she understood so she advised us to not hanging out.. during afternoon, allof us were hungried and we went to kafe. after we bought some food, there was a brother selling a bicycles.. and we were bought a bicycle for each of us.. hehehe.. and in the evening, our friends were came back from lepar, and gave us some fruits... heheheeh.. this is my sweet memories along my orentation in UMP....

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  8. UMP??????
    First week is so bored... But i try to make myself feel happy and interested to stay in ump.. When i come in ump first thing come up in my minds is "study"...hahahaha..Friends is very important when we at ump
    it is because we are far from our parents. Now, i have a best friends. She is elfera. First day, i felt so tired because the registration process take long time. After settle every things my famly sent me to my hostel.... i quick shock because i get room at level high...Actually i want to fit my body..that why i don't care where should i stay and live..I also have cutes roomate. They are very kind and caring . I fell happy and i never think that i want to quite from this university....First week make me feel how to be independent person....Now i acn do everything witout other people..I believed i can do it everything.......For me ump is the best place in my life.....

  9. first day entered in UMP, i feel very happy because my dreams become true. but after that orientation begin and i feel very sad, unhappy and home sick..i don't like orientation because i need to do many thing in short time.during registered time all of student need to gather under the white canopy.that time so hot n so boring.also, i knew some new friends and when i get my room i get my roomate which are all different course but they kind with of my roomate is same country with me.the second week, i meet many friends..all of my coursemate are very friendly and kind person..yaya,yana,ain,k.pipah are also my next door. they all so kind with me.i love all of my many thing we done together,.we study together in fad's room until late nite.we also always help each other.mostly all of the experience entered UMP i will always remembered.

  10. hahahahah....
    first time when I come to UMP, my first impression about UMP is its a factory. During the registration day,im was very moody and felt very tired.I have to wait about five hours to complete my registration furthermore my traveled from Perak was five hours.Its very tired.For the first few weeks, we have the orientation.Its very tired and terrible week.I feel bored during orientation program. I just sleep in that program. I need enough sleep. In orientation week, I was less active like now because I didnt have many friends here.I just have my old friend whisch is Afnil.He is my friend since primary school until now, furthermore his house just near with my house. I can conclude that I did not happy in my first week in UMP.

  11. The first week in UMP..the orientation is very difficult for me because it so tough and hard.i still remember when the day i came here, at the evening, the facilitator want we gathered in the dataran.. i was too tired because the registration took so many hours.. but they still want to see us...why don't they let we go to take a rest and so on..this is only for the first day..then,the other day was a nightmare for me..because we should woke up early..i only slept for a few hours... about 3 to 4 hours then they want me to woke up..oh,no!!!...but actually im a naughty girl,because for 2 days,i didn't went to gathered at the Astaka..but not only me,my roomates also..hehehe..but honestly,it is a sweet memories for me..

  12. first week in UMP..i have many memories in that week..i get my nice roomate named yaya also my classmate..syida,yana,ain also my clasmate and my next door.they are very kind and we all are good friends..the memories that i cannot forget at last day orientation week,i and my roomate have left my program..we left because we not wake up at that day..the bus move sharp at 7 o',it we left that program..hehe..nobody know about that..until now i still remembered it..

  13. UMP???university malaysia pahang...during the registration day, i have meet one of my friend from Sarawak. his name is Afizie. he so nice and friendly. during the orientation week, all of the activities are boring...the speech make me so sleepy and so boring. the orientation week does not have any activities that can make the student know each other...but, one of the activity that make me interested was the gotong royong, because we can went outside the campus and we can know the place. for me, that was only the activity that i, when the class start, i really like to stay at ump..its not like the matriculation that the timetable is so pack..but at ump, i feel so not so stress with the study here..i like ump very much..i love you ump..and i also love all of my classmate, sectionA14..

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  15. UMP orientation was one of the stupid, boring and ushzz program for me.. I seriously hate that moment just because of bad facilitator and the way they treat us.. That condition forced me to make a crazy decision. I decided to do not attended one of the activity.. That activity was at night around 8pm to 12pm.. What was funny, my roommate joined.. After all students lived their rooms my roommate and I started our plan.. we locked the door n switch off the light then we slept with happiness and peaceful.. it is sound like I am a naughty girl.. yes.. may be ..=P

  16. my first week at the ump,hehehe...
    I have a story to share with all of you,when I came to ump,I can see a building with a sign Safety first.what a huge building to be in the university,but when I came nearer,I feel like want to laugh because it was a factory before.hehehe.
    but,i feel so sad because of the management,my family have to stay in about 8 hours to wait for me finish all the procedure.very wasting time.
    all the activity were not very cheerful during the orientation week,we always can only sleep in about 2 hours a day.we are very unhappy,but the story that I want to share with you quite funny.there are a day all the new student have to attend to a ceremony,I sleep at three o'clock before.when I woke up,I can feel the sunlight,he3!! I saw my clock shows 11am already,I don't involve the ceremony,my friends call me and I say that I am at the hostel,he3!!
    they were laugh because before this,they will not go,but now it changes,they were gone but I not.

  17. umphhh...there are no funny story to tell you actually. What I have here is the bad story. I came here with a bad mood because I have to take the engineering course!.. Before this I'm from biological course. So, i'm really mad with my fate. But lastly I can accepted this as my destiny to become a engineer. Actually I really don't like the Orientation Week. I hate this because so stress in this week. I have to wake up early and don't have enough rest. Because of this, I always skip some activities. huhu

  18. ump...
    Universiti Malaysia Pahang...,
    actually when i firstly opened the offer letter i was wondering whether this university exist or not...
    and when i tell my father he asked me repeat the name of this university...

    it was quite funny...
    i also doesnt knew that this university exist but when i came here just only i realize that before this ump is called kuktem and i had heard some story about kuktem...

    when i firstly came here i need to wait aroud 5 hours 25 minute... i was wondering how the worker manage this registration day... huhu i was quite tired but then after see the place that i am going to stay i'm quite happy because we lived in a house..

    and then there are orientation..
    very BORING..
    the facilitator doesn't knew how to manage the activity...

    but then i met with my old friend, i become more happier because i had friend that i had already knew...
    the other story is just i am going to graduate from university malaysia pahang in 4 years...

    AND my hope and dream is I can graduate with first class DERGEE... AMIN..

  19. The only funniest thing that i remember was the time when acting with some of the course mates, that time i was so nervous that i couldn't remember what i should do, it was spontaneous and very funny, i was very satisfied when i heard the crowd are laughing hard. There are also 1 person from this class joined me with the small sketch, it was fun and we manage to get 2nd place. It was the most wonderful things that happen during the 1st week.

  20. Actually i did not really know what happen in UMP during the first week.I was at my friend's home because i ran off from UMP.It was a very terrible thing i do and i promise i'll never do it again.For me, UMP is one of the best university in Malaysia because all the facilities are new.It is good for any students who wants to study in engineering

  21. well, correct me if im wrong everyone.
    the very 1st in UMP was actually the orientation week right?

    1.unimaginably boring
    2.unaccepted treat from the facilitator.
    3.hilarious talent night.
    4.skanky outfit for the whole week
    5.smelly armpits(i don't know why.i felt dirty)

    that is what i think of the orientation week.KInd of horrible but we dont actually called it orientation if the word horrible weren't used.

  22. What is my first expression about UMP?? Eemmm...I will tell the truth to all of you...  At the first sight, I just saw our hostel which looks like something like in university. Sorry to say that! Most building that I was seeing in UMP make me feels like in industry area because this university full with factories. But after that, I was informed by seniors that factories are our university’s laboratory. And that make our university special because of the real factories and machines which were used in industry became our place to practical. But the funny thing was our mosque also looks like a factory!  But there is one story that I want to share to all of you. All of new student admit that, our first week in UMP was about the worst experience among all registration week that we ever have. This is because of the schedule was too pack and we only have less than 5 hours to rest and sleep along the week. It was terrible moment for me. But at the fourth morning, my roommates and I woke up late because none of us set alarm. Our facilitators have reminded us to wake up and gather at 5.30 a.m. But what happen is we woke up at 6.00 a.m. and prepared ourselves without take a bath in that morning. Because of our late, other students need to wait for us and we were scolded by the facilitators. But that moment is the unforgettable and funniest moment for us. 

  23. THE FIRST WEEK IN UMP.............

    WHAT HAVE I GET?????.....

    (1) many friends.:)
    (2) make friend with the first Indian guys named
    (3) realize that, ump is not big as i thought.:(
    (4) get some number from the girls..;0
    (5) finally, get free meals along that week.:)

    WHAT I FEEL???.....
    (1) feel unlucky, by entering this university...
    (2) feel sad because, there's only few ex-kml
    members here...:(
    (3) and........ ununderstandable
    feelings....huhuhu... :(

    WHAT I SEE???....
    (1) em.... i have saw ump, got many buses park
    besides the rosd... ish2..:0
    (2) i felt weird, because, i saw ump is more
    to industrial area, and not university...
    (3) finally, i saw birds flying away...:0


  24. i have 1 funny story to share with day in a orientation week,one of the facilitator was come to my house.he want to check who still in house.because at that time,all the new student must go to hall to hear roomate and i make a suggestion not to go haear the speech.we turn off light in our room to prevent facilitator cath us.suddently i really want to get pee.i can stand anymore.i open my room door run the bathroom,i tought we save,but luck is not on our side,suddently the facilitator was walk infront of friend and i beeing caught by him.we get punishment..hahahahha

  25. it is a tradition for every university or education institute that will have orientation week at the very first week of registration.but here in university malaysia pahang...or we called it ump.we have our own minds week..if we ask every students, the very first week is the most horrible week.didn't get enough rest, enough sleep and everything doesn't feel right.but actually its a nice things to have those will be a very good memory in the back days..for me there is nothing special that i can talk about the minds week..of course it didn't satisfied with the way they treated us..but when we think bout it back..if i were in their places.i will do just the same things that they i can't mad at them..its my own faults if they angry..thats all that i can say bout my very first week in ump..

  26. Good day to everyone. Today I would like to share with all of you about the first few weeks in UMP. For the first time I arrived at the entrance of UMP, I thought UMP is really small compared to other university in Malaysia. But when i get into UMP, I was memorized by the cool buildings in UMP. As usual, for the first weeks in UMP, all the first year students need to undergo orientation week with a lot of boring activities. I with my two roommates always sneak out from the activities and just take a good rest at my room. As usual my roommates and I just sleep in my room. But, that night, unfortunately, the facilitators went to each room to check if there are any students sneak out from the program. So, bad night for us! Even though, orientation week is really boring and tiring, but sometimes I do enjoy because I can meet a lot of new students and make new friends. I hope for the next four years, I will make many beautiful memories that I can remember for my whole life. Have a nice day.

  27. my first day in ump was a disaster. i thought it would be fun meeting new friends but i guess i was wrong. i hate when every time i meet new people, they would asked, 'do you still live upon a tree? or cave?', 'how did you get here? by a 'sampan'?' they were like underestimate sabahan and sarawakian. i mean, why on earth people in peninsula malaysia still have a thought that people in sabah sarawak still living like in ancient time? come on, open your mind! dont misjudged on what television show about sabah and sarawak. of course it will show about the way sabah sarawak people live,what do they wear..but it was in village area! and we've never spend our life living up on the trees or in the caves. the weird outfit that you saw in the television show is sabah sarawak peoples' traditional costumes and we are not wearing it all the time, not our daily clothes more to say. just like all races in peninsula malaysia. all of us got our own traditional costumes right?? and im sure we are only wearing it during the festival. so its clearly we have the same situation here. the reason why television show about that kind of thing about sabah and sarawak is to attract tourist to come visit to sabah and sarawak. it shows that sabah and sarawak still have their own unique tradition. i think im out of line. sorry sir. but im getting use with the surroundings here. the first few weeks in ump were not so fun by the way since im a newcomer and different accent have made me so hard to start a conversation with people over here. and yes. i've tried to get around with them and learn how to speak with the right accent and walla! i found some new friends and we are quite close too. i dont remember the funny part which i supposed to type over here but what can i say about my life in ump is completely different compared to matric life. stop being immature because im a grown up girl.

  28. About UMP???
    Owh, that such a bored story to talk about..seriously at first, i really reluctant to came here because for me, i thought ump is such a bored university among the others..i came here just because of my parents..i must follow all of their need..during the first week here, i cried all the time..the orientation weeks is the most hardness week i must that week, we must follow all the rules that were made by the fasilitator..that week i called a ‘schema week’..we must punctual all the time..walk like a soldier..line up like a kindergardens’ that time, the ‘fasi’ treated us really like a child..scolded us..shouted at us..huh, i really don’t like that moment..when the orientation is over, i really happy..then, my life at ump is newly started..during that weekend, my friends and i were going to kuantan..we were going out surely for shopping..the first step at kuantan,i shocked a little bit because before this i thought kuantan is such a cowboy town like gambang..but, i wrong..kuantan is just ok..then, we were going to teluk is such a beautiful place to go..then,during the first day entering the class, i got 2 new friends named gha and doe and till now we were best, day by day make i feel that i love to stay at here, i have so many friends, a sporting lecturers and the most important thing here is i have UMP..thank you because give me a chance to study at here..i love ump so much..!!!

  29. First week in ump is very challenging…I rather live in PLKN(national services) for three month than having an “orientation week” in ump…sincerely I always woke up at 6.30 in the morning..I thought I was one of the best people who woke up early and there should be no problem for me to wake up in the orientation week…but I was totally wrong! In the first week, every day I have to wake up at 4 o’clock! Nonsense isn’t it??There’s one day in that week I didn’t shower at all! The activities were very packed! How could I! Luckily my body was naturally sweet smelling …hoho… honestly the orientation week is a must for new comer like me..lots of sweet memory we could had..or should I called, one of the “unforgotable moment”..

  30. First week in Universiti Malaysia Pahang? Got a lot of story about it. Where to start? Ok let me tell you briefly about my orientation week which is called Minggu Induksi Siswa (MINDS’) conducted by some of our seniors.

    From the very beginning, I do set my mind to accept whatever condition here. Luckily I managed to. I came here early which is on Saturday to register for hostel because my dad wants to avoid those crowded situation. Then I came back on Sunday just to register the course. Well, the week begin.

    Like the rest said, it was hectic period. Why? Because every single second we had activity to do until past mid night. Yet not all are nightmares. Some of it does open my mind to think more mature. Every event and lecture we need to attend does have useful input to be used as output later on.

    The most memorable part was Khidmat Komuniti. I was chosen to be part of their Mural drawer and from there I knew Fadilah, my own classmate now and the most closest friend here in UMP. During the Mural session at Sekolah Kebangsaan Lepar Hilir, I learned how to worked in one team and during short time. We were only given less than a week to finished all the drawing and colouring. Wonder how because we only done it in the afternoon. Eventhough we need to worked hard, we do enjoyed it and to Kiki thanks for being such a good friend to me =)